Focus Tactical Windproof Balaclava

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The Focus Tactical Windproof Balaclava is a must-have for any sportsman in cold weather!  Whether you are into snowboarding, skiing, cycling, etc., this Windproof Balaclava will cover your head, neck and all of your face except your eyes.  The warm fleece material is not only comfortable, but also quick-drying and lightweight.  

Focus Tactical Windproof Balaclava Features

  • One size fits most women and men
  • Durable lightweight fleece material
  • Available in various colors to suit everyone's needs


Other possible uses for the multifunctional Focus Tactical Windproof Balaclava are


  • worn as a helmet liner
  • wear as a polar hood with ski goggles
  • can be worn with other cold weather masks


Don't wait to warm up, order your own Focus Tactical Windproof Balaclava now!