Multifunction Folding Shovel from Focus Tactical

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The Focus Tactical multifunction folding shovel is a perfect addition to your survival kit, hiking kit or camping kit. Available in both gold and tactical black, this multifunction folding shovel is compact and lightweight, enabling easy storage in your vehicle or backpack.

Multifunction Folding Shovel Features

Aluminum alloy handle with non slip design.

Aluminum alloy handle is durable and disassembles into 4 small individual handles.

Stainless steel shovel spade.

3CR13 Stainless Steel ensures long life and durability.

Multi-angle shovel spade.

The spade portion of the shovel can be positioned in 4 different angles (45, 90, 135, 180 degrees) depending on use.

Multifunction shovel spade.

The 10" flat side of the spade functions as a blade on one side and a serrated saw on the other for chopping and removing brush. There is also a hook blade built in for cutting rope or small overhead branches. This multifunction folding shovel spade also includes 2 six-sided hex head bolt holes to unscrew difficult bolts.

Multifunction shovel handle.

The handle of the Focus Tactical multifunction folding shovel breaks down into 4 pieces and includes different tool accessories inside. Included handle tools are: 

  • Hand held pointed hammer for glass break or self defense 
  • 10 cm hand saw (total length with handle 20 cm)
  • Screw driver
  • Compass

Shovel spade sheath.

Made with heavy duty nylon, the shovel spade sheath on the Focus Tactical multifunction folding shovel protects you from cuts or abrasions when the shovel is not in use.

Multifunction folding shovel carry case.

When fully disassembled, this multifunction folding shovel fits inside of the convenient carry case that also includes a shoulder strap for easy portability.

Why We Like this Multifunction Folding Shovel

We love this tool because of its multifunction features. We always want to include overlap in our survival and emergency tools (especially in the case of a lost or broken tool). The fact that this tool can also act as a knife, saw, glass break, rope cutter, pick, screwdriver and compass in addition to a shovel makes it a "must have" for our pack.