Focus Tactical 3000W Outdoor Portable Mini Camping Stove

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Focus Tactical 3000W Outdoor Portable Mini Camping Stove

This 3000W outdoor portable mini camping stove is a perfect addition to your camping prep. Great for preparing hot meals when out in the field or on overnight camping trips.

This portable camping stove features:  

  • Sturdy aluminum alloy and stainless steel construction,
  • Small size, foldable steel wire supporting frame, high temperature resistance; 
  • High-energy ceramic piezoelectric ignition system to ensure one-time successful ignition; 
  • Roundabout flame, high thermal efficiency, versatility; suitable for all types of gas tanks; 

    Technical Specifications: 

    • Material: high strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel 
    • Size: expanding diameter: 6.14"; height: 3.11" 
    • Weight: about 8.11 oz  
    • Gross weight: about 8.11 oz (including the plastic box container) 
    • Ignition: high energy porcelain piezoelectric ignition 
    • Fuel: Propane gas tank (not included)
    • Power: maximum output 3,000W 

      Fuel and fuel tank are not included and must be sourced locally.