Crossbody Multifunction Bag by Focal Tactical

  • $40.99
  • Save $27

The Crossbody Multifunction Bag by Focal Tactical is well-built and lightweight.  Secured by an adjustable strap, the Crossbody Multifunction Bag fits comfortably around either side of your body and keeps your items within easy reach. The design includes one main compartment with handy pull zippers allowing for easy open and closing.  For additional storage and organization, the Crossbody Multifunction Bag also has one zippered and one clip pocket. The Focus Tactical Crossbody Multifunction Bag is the perfect bag for carrying your cell phone, keys, watch, etc.

Specifications for the Crossbody Multifunction Bag by Focal Tactical

  • Unisex
  • Adjustable strap for an easy fit
  • Easy to grab zipper pulls
  • Adjustable clip pocket
  • Various color options to suit everyone's needs
  • Great for sport, running, hiking, cycling, camping or travel.

Don't leave home without your compact, durable and lightweight Focus Tactical Crossbody Multifunction Bag!