Focus Tactical D-Ring Carabiner Clip

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Looking for a strong carabineer without the expense or weight of the heavy metal ones....then the Focus Tactical D-Ring Carabiner Clip is for you.  Constructed of hard plastic for durability.  The D-Ring Carabiner Clip can be used in a number of lightweight applications and easily attaches to any daypack, book bag, purse, etc.  Suitable for hanging your gloves, noise-reducing headphones, water bottles and more. The D-Ring Carabiner Clip can withstand 200 lbs (about 80 kg) but should NOT be used for climbing or to hold people!

Specifications for the D-Ring Carabiner Clip:

  • Size: Length 9cm, Width 5.8cm
  • Load-bearing: Static maximum tensile force of about 90kg
  • Note: NOT for climbing!

The Focus Tactical D-Ring Carabiner Clip is a great addition to any outdoor pack providing you versatility during hiking, camping, travel, etc.