Focus Tactical Unisex Outdoors Hat

  • $10.99
  • Save $7

Made of a polyester cotton blend, the Focus Tactical Unisex Outdoors Hat has two ventilation eyelets on each side allowing for great air flow.  You can alter the amount of sun exposure by keeping the wide brim flat or buttoning it up for a bit more exposure.  The adjustable chin strap on the Unisex Outdoors Hat provides a comfortable and secure wear.  Style 15 also has a breathable mesh section to keep you cool.

Specifications for the Unisex Outdoors Hat:

  • Material: Polyester cotton
  • Head circumference: 59cm
  • Brim of a hat: 6.5cm
  • Should fit most adults

Whether you need a hat for everyday sun and wind exposure or if you are planning an outdoor adventure, the Focus Tactical Unisex Outdoors Hat is perfect and can be taken anywhere!